slam dunk me into the nearest trash can


i’m tearing up reading that quote

i don’t want this series to end bc i dont’ want them to stop working together omg

this isn’t fair

04 05 2013

In Young Adult at one point Charlize Theron wakes up, opens the fridge, jugs some diet coke and then sits in from of the computer and works on her YA novel.

my mom looked over at me at this point and then whispered, “this why you can’t live on your own.”

06 12 2012


here’s one and another very similar one because IDEK i just fucking love those

and then we have this page which has 4 pictures in the middle of merlin with his backpack looking all gorgeous, this one in particular makes me feel funny ways

those are more merlin than colin pics and you dont actually have to use them for anything :P THEY ARE JUST MY FAVORITE AND I WANTED TO SHARE

although if you want my nerdy fave pictures of colin, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD GO and look at the bottom 4 pictures, especially the bottom 2 because he looks like a little boy in that shirt with that hair and his cheekbones and his ears and his SMILE but i want him - and you can get the original large ones here and THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE LOOK AT HIS FUCKING FACE

okay i’m done

11 17 2011