You've Seen Me

You're gonna make it.

[make me choose] ohdewitts asked: joel or bigby

the last of us: left behind + concept art

After all we’ve been through…Everything that I’ve done…It can’t be for nothing.

Favorite Video Game Characters » Ellie (The Last of Us)

 The world’s been hard on us, hard on him. Joel’s done some terrible things. He tells me that on this journey you either hang onto your morals and die, or do whatever it takes to survive. I guess I’ll find out.”


it’s been a month since the best dlc 


20-something Ellie and an older Joel because i just need these two to be happy okay that’s all i want in life THEY DESERVE HAPPINESS bye


TLOU LIVE ACTIONHugh Jackman as Joel and Chloë Grace Moretz as Ellie.


the last of us - opening sequence

We don’t give that up.