You've Seen Me

Why can’t we do what the hell we like? Men can. They can sleep with women without getting a name for themselves, they can have careers…

YOU have a career.

Heroes and villains; we’re all somewhere in between.

i’m a strong and capable woman, perfectly capable of handling this storm in a teacup: a marnie madden mix. LISTEN | DOWNLOAD

for the woman capable of weathering humiliation, for the woman that stayed by her husband despite his numerous indiscretions, for the woman that was able to say “the pain you’re causing me is enough”, for the woman capable of achieving success alone even when she hurt the most because success is always the best revenge, for the woman who used to be overshadowed and silent, but isn’t anymore, for the woman who gave happiness another go, 

for the woman who got what she wanted in the end.

The Hour (Season 2, Episodes 1-3)

"You are exquisite, Bel Rowley."

Success is the best revenge.

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Because you would want me to play bridge and stop working here, the place that I love, doing the job that I have waited my whole life for. I don’t want to be a mistress anymore. And I’m certainly not waiting to be anyone’s wife. 

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14/?? Bel Rowley edits

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the hour + colors abound

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