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ahhh-yes replied to your post: literally dont’ know how to start my essay. like…

so start in the middle with what you already know you want to write, and then go back when you’ve got a better idea. better than sitting around and not even starting. hope it works out for you anyway :)

Ironically, after I posted that an idea jUST popped into my head. It was weird. And I was like OKAY I CAN WORK WITH THIS.

Usually i skip over the intro and work with a really underdeveloped thesis/idea and slowly the paper develops itself (then i go back and tweak my thesis and other body paragraphs so it’s all cohesive and strong). BUt I swear. I think when I read the book, I had this completely different perspective and impression from what my professor had. So the prompt he wrote to me was like, “lolwhateffareyousmoking?” and I couldn’t figure out what the he was even asking for.


but after crying about it for a bit, I finally figured out an idea. ahahahaha