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also the idea that ya lit needed saving is inherently sexist because the ya genre is one of the few bastions of female power fantasies in the publishing industry

it’s rooted in the idea that prior to john green, the genre was shallow and silly, and that the prominence of romance as an aspect of the genre is demeaning because romance is a silly shallow girl thing, when in actuality the ya genre is one of the most revolutionary of all the publishing genres because it allows girls freedom to explore themselves. it’s rooted in the idea that all ya lit is twilight and that makes it inherently bad

there’s a reason most prominent ya authors are women and it has a lot to do with the fact that the mainstream literary genre is still a boys’ club, leaving us to carve out a place for ourselves where we can tell our own stories, but since everything related to teenage girls is reviled ya gets shat on

the ya genre has plenty of problems, but you know what john green isn’t doing? fixing those. because the problems in the ya genre are homophobic, transphobic, and racist in nature, and john green still writes about straight white cis people

it’s funny because i don’t see anyone judging the entirety of children’s literature by christopher paolini’s shitstorm of a star wars rip-off

no one writes off the entire sci-fi genre because of orson scott card

or maybe we should start judging all mystery/intrigue novels by dan brown?????????????

Manga is awesome so

If you want, tag it with mangameme(nospace) so everyone can ch-check it out. Also, if you want to only do shoujo or shounen or throw in anime, that’s cool. You do what you want, yo. 

screencap meme @shipperfan asked sherlock bbc + the space


no man could truly tame a wolf

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is this supposed to be ender? why is he tall? he’s supposed be like little right?

They bumped up the age of ender to 12 because 

  1. six year old actors who are able to play such a complex role aren’t easy to come by (not that there isn’t a six year old on earth who can’t play Ender, but still).
  2. plus it’s easier to work with “older” children.
  3. and now they don’t have to get two actors to play ender (young ender and adolescent ender).

New players in Game of Thrones season three.


Warm Bodies Trailer (for those of you who can’t open the first player without getting CountryBlocked)


  • not all republicans are bad people
  • republican is not synonymous with “bad person”
  • not everyone who is republican is a bad person


  • not all democrats are good people
  • democrat is not synonymous with “good person”
  • not everyone who is a democrat is a good person