You've Seen Me

"It can’t be that hard, right?"

Samurai Champloo + colours


I wasn’t planning to put this up here but I changed my mind

it’s kind of hard to tell but it’s samurai champloo which has one of my favourite endings ever

three runaway strays
pretty hooligans on display


episode 01 // tempestuous temperaments

some days, some nights
some live, some die
in the way of the samurai
some fight, some bleed
sun up to sun down
the sons of a battlecry

"This is weird. I’ve never seen Mugen like this before."

"Because this is one opponent he isn’t sure he can defeat."


Color Meme: Red Best of Mugen and Fuu


by にお

Can you believe Mugen? Not only did he not come back by sundown, but it’s morning and he still hasn’t shown up!