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Because everyone loves free things, here’s another quick resources post. There are another handful of sites out there but these are the ones I check out most often.
My favourite is the weekly offers from Creative Market. Sometimes you come across goodies you wouldn’t have otherwise downloaded. But act quick because they change/rotate every 7 days! A few people asked about subtle seamless backgrounds, and Pixeden has some of my favourites. Freebiesbug is actually more of a collective site (to make browsing easier) but has the occasional exclusives. And I’m sure every theme maker has already heard of Codrops but they deserve a huge mention.
07 20 2014

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I get quite a few questions about where I find my stock images that are used in live previews so here’s a list of my favourite (all can be found on the resources page). Most of these are free to use on personal and commercial projects but double check the licenses before use.

a graphics tutorial masterlist →


♚ 99mockingbirds tutorials
blend & texture 1
blend & texture 1

♚ wicked-fate tutorials
20 graphics tips
basic gif

♚ mareluna3000 tutorials

gif “flash effect”
how to create an action
the tweening effect
merging two gifs
gif black out
basic gif

♚ lovephotoshop tutorials
using psds
using actions

♚ neverlands- tutorials
cutting & cropping
graphic tips
basic gif

♚ slayground tutorials
basic graphig
using textures

♚ callmebrandon tutorials
basic gif
blur image slideshow
basic screencap
shaking gif

♚ -redux tutorials
using textures

♚ ex-posed tutorials
cutting & cropping
basic icon
adjustment layers & selective color

♚ ettudis tutorials
blending & texture 1
blending & texture 2
blending & texture 3

♚ redcarpet&rebellion tutorials
base making
using the lasso tool
hard cutting
image preparation
graphic tips
basic blending
↳ icons one and two
↳ blending one two three four and five

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07 19 2014