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Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
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theme II; memento mori

static // pastebin


  • topbar absolute header its big nd nice and fat
  • roman numeral links
  • six custom links bam
  • slide out updates, askbox and links (does a cool thingy)
  • all colours customizable whoa
  • clean lookin nautical pagination 
  • hover post info + caption on all types of photo posts
  • reblog and like buttons (optional) in post info
  • lots of colours look cool with this lil bud here for example a blue background and white header
  • or you can have all white header and background too
  • go crazy

if u want to use this themey

  • pls like or reblog (or even if you just like it bc that would be rly nice)
  • dont remove cred
  • dont redistribute/use as a base/yada yada
  • be a great human bean
  • drink lots of water


Because everyone loves free things, here’s another quick resources post. There are another handful of sites out there but these are the ones I check out most often.

My favourite is the weekly offers from Creative Market. Sometimes you come across goodies you wouldn’t have otherwise downloaded. But act quick because they change/rotate every 7 days! A few people asked about subtle seamless backgrounds, and Pixeden has some of my favourites. Freebiesbug is actually more of a collective site (to make browsing easier) but has the occasional exclusives. And I’m sure every theme maker has already heard of Codrops but they deserve a huge mention.


verboten : static / codes

  • header animates upon scroll
  • pop up w/ links and description included
  • option for 250px and 400px posts
  • 7 custom links

I get quite a few questions about where I find my stock images that are used in live previews so here’s a list of my favourite (all can be found on the resources page). Most of these are free to use on personal and commercial projects but double check the licenses before use.