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"They’re changing too many things from the books (ASoIaF)"

I’m so freakin’ tired of seeing these words. I mean seriously.

Do you know how hard it is to translate a book on to film?

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Sometimes I feel like Jon Snow is really under appreciated. Like, most of the fandom is indifferent about him. They don’t love him but they don’t hate him and i’m just sitting here holding all my feelings

i think one of the reasons why i really love Jon Snow’s character arc has to do with the fact that he initiates things (you can argue that it’s impulsiveness—and i’m not disagreeing. Like, he is impulsive, but some decisions aren’t).

90% of the characters in asoiaf usually make decisions based off of preservation. And realistically it’s easier to make a decision when your life or well being is in danger. Thus, making every character presented morally ambiguous.

Jon Snow though, there are more instants were he initiates an action rather than react—usually not out of fear. He decides to join the Night’s Watch on his own. He teaches the other boys to fight. He defends Samwell Tarly. He volunteers (or agrees? I can’t remember in the book if Qhorin asks for him and then he agrees—either way he wants to go) to go with Qhorin scouting. He makes a difficult decision of leaving Ygritte behind (this could be argued because he saw a window of opportunity and he took advantage of it). When he returns to The Wall, he immediately takes the lead (not as temporary commander, but a leader position) Jon’s story arc in ADWD is pretty much Jon making tough decisions and people questioning him and then him giving them this “are you that stupid” look.

But do you see what I mean? Arya, Sansa, Tyrion—they face many dangers that usually have an obvious answer, no matter how low they must lower themselves morally. There’s never an easy answer for Jon. Sometimes he picks the cleaner decision while other times he settles with the blacker one.

I just feel like people don’t appreciate that he’s unique among his fellow characters. But i digress.

i have this paper due at 9pm tomorrow

see my problem

i always come to this point when i’m making a graphic where i’m like,

"Kay this is cool."

"But it needs something."

"But what"

"What does it need."

"fuck what is it"


"ugh why can’t i do typography."

"why do i suck."

"Why do i even try."


all i do is make jon snow graphics and not i’m sorry

ipod is on random

HURT (hurt myself today, to see if I still bleed) comes on

but it’s a hand bell version of it.

like just….hand bells. only.

every time i see a gifset of Brave all i think about is how the main girl has my hair.

like that is my hair.

and i feel bad for her.

I have more feelings for my brotps then my otps.