American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Other random books people give me but idk.
Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
Today my boss told me he broke up with his girlfriend of five years and I thought he was joking because, he LOVES her and usually he lies to me about everything so I never believe him, so I was like I'm telling the first person who comes out of the bathroom and ENDS UP THAT HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH AND I'M A TOTAL ASSHOLE WHO TOLD SOMEONE AND WASN'T SUPPOSED TO.


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last friday i went to disneyland and i had a mickey ice cream bar but then i saw peter pan and asked for a picture with him so he jokingly took away my ice cream saying “sweet thanks!!” bUT HE DIDNT KNOW THAT IT WAS BROKEN AND THE TOP HALF FELL OFF AND DRAMATICALLY BROKE ON THE GROUND SO HE WAS LIKE OK WOW STAY THERE. AND HE CAME BACK W/ A CHURRO HE BOUGHT ME FOOD IT COUNTS AS A DATE MY FIRST DATE WAS WITH PETER PAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE

AU MEME: Tate and Violet in “The Hunger Games”

Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means certain death. The Hunger Games have begun…”