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The Last of Us ⇢ Prologue : Loss

to sell prints or not to sell prints?

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someone should make another 30 day GoT meme again bc that was fun leading up to s2 premiere. 


reminder that your favorite celebrity probably masturbates


Interviewer: What does landing one of the biggest roles for a young actor (on Hunger Games) mean to you?

Josh Hutcherson: It means the world to me! I wanted this role so badly. I think I hadn’t read a script or book that I connected more with that I did with Peeta. I had never read a character that was more like who I am as a person and had kind of my core values and what I believe in. It was crazy! So for me, it was it was a do or die situation, almost. I never felt that I was more right for a role in my life. It was kind of like if I didn’t get it, I didn’t know how I would react … so it’s just very good that I did get it.


I’m sexy and I know it.