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So I got home a little before 1am and I didn’t turn it off until…a little after 3:40? but mother of god

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anytime ashton tags something with #shit that’s fresh i feel the need to cross my arms and slightly nod my head.

or i imagine she’s drinking some ice cold drink on a hot day and then she’s likes like

“shit that’s fresh”

you guys i have good friends.

meerareed replied to your post: why can’t i just smile i can’t do it …

your hair is amazing omg

it cannot be tamed

meerareed replied to your post: holy crap neil burger is directing divergent. god…

the first like 3/4 of the book were so boring imo but i liked the second book a lot more.

i liked the first one better than the second but that isn’t saying much. idk for a dystopian, it makes no sense and yea.

meerareed replied to your post: cats are weird creatures

I CANT STOP LAUGHING. it’s almost as bad as that cat and dog version of fireflies.


who are your favorite GoT blogs?

I follow around 100 people and I hate going over (I’m currently at like 107 and everyday i check to see if I should unfollow a few less active blogs), so by asking which is my favorite GoT blog, I feel like I should list ALL the GoT centric blogs I follow, since I don’t follow literally GoT only blogs. But yea.

theongreyjoy, rainwoods, clawsandfangs, meerareed

meerareed replied to your post: meerareed replied to your post: Does anybody know……


meerareed replied to your post: Does anybody know the html code or where I can…

like mine?????

Yes like yours! I’m not sure if it’s a code, or something else entirely, but i would like to find out how to do that :)

meerareed replied to your post: wow you guys really did not like that LoK post. 

people can stay pressed. you’re entitled to your opinions.

i love you.

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