slam dunk me into the nearest trash can

So I got home a little before 1am and I didn’t turn it off until…a little after 3:40? but mother of god

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06 14 2013

anytime ashton tags something with #shit that’s fresh i feel the need to cross my arms and slightly nod my head.

or i imagine she’s drinking some ice cold drink on a hot day and then she’s likes like

“shit that’s fresh”

06 07 2013

meerareed replied to your post: holy crap neil burger is directing divergent. god…

the first like 3/4 of the book were so boring imo but i liked the second book a lot more.

i liked the first one better than the second but that isn’t saying much. idk for a dystopian, it makes no sense and yea.

10 19 2012