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The Painted Veil (2006)

a gift and a very happy birthday to Caitlin!

There are rarely any intimate moments between Arthur and Gaius. Usually their interactions involve A) Merlin or B) “GAUIS WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS THAT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER CAMELOT?” “SAVE HIM, GAIUS, SAVE HIM.” But when Gaius said, “I love you too much to betray you,” It really blew me away I think Arthur himself was a bit surprised also(and guilty of course).

Before going into this episode I though it was going to revolve around Merlin and Gaius’ relationship, but instead it ended up being about Arthur and Gaius’. He’s one of my least favorite characters (doesn’t mean I don’t like him!) but I really enjoyed him in the episode. He wasn’t just that stern counter reaction to Merlin, nor was he the court physician. He’s the loyal friend to the Pendragon family. That small moment and speech between Arthur was more than just advice, but a defining of relationship. He might as well said, “I’ve always been a friend and I’d rather die than break that bond.”

It’s like he’s taking on the Father figure (the head advisor) Arthur needs.