You've Seen Me

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super fabulous YA lit meme~

  • ten series or books
  • nine quotes
  • eight otps
  • seven friendships
  • six locations
  • five protagonists 
  • four deaths
  • three endings
  • two antagonists
  • one author

Greatness from Small Beginnings

Spun — Grouplove

no man could truly tame a wolf

people who read manga, what is (are) your favorite manga?


Filmmakers: Joel and Ethan Coen

Hugh Jackman wins Best Actor for Les Misérables


the worst thing you can ask a writer:

look; i like dystopians.

don’t get me wrong.

but now I feel like every sci fi out there is “qualified” as a dystopian or at least in the YA genre.

I want a real, awesome scifi. Not a “SOCIETY IS BAD” scifi, but a “COOL STUFF HAPPENS AND IT’S IN THE FUTURE” scifi.

just sayin’