You've Seen Me

Little brother.

Jaime Lannister - Game of Thrones season 4

GoT meme | Relationships [4/9] → Jaime & Brienne

 ”Gods kow why i bother. She is the least companionable creature i’ve ever had the misfortune to meet.”

When Jaime gets back, yes. But when do we think that’s going to be?

"Sansa Stark is my last chance of honor”, Jaime said.
"I will find the girl and keep her safe. For her lady mother’s sake. And for yours”

come at once. help me. save me. i need you now as i have never needed you before. i love you. i love you. i love you. come at once.


“I crossed a thousand leagues to come to you, and lost the best part of me along the way. Don’t tell me to leave.” 

but his fame lives, enough to fill a world.


“You are not the only one with wounds, Lady Brienne”