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someone had to show me a post about why another blogger loved fma (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU EVIL BASTARD) and now i can’t stop thinking and just crying like OKAY

THE DOOR. THE GREAT KNOWLEDGE. I AM TRUTH. I AM GOD. I AM YOU. The Elric brothers, Mustang, Father, the seven sins, ALL THESE CHARACTERS GOOD AND BAD, they all sought after the door, the being at the door in one way or the other. The bothers wanted their bodies back (knowledge). Mustang wanted answers (truth). Father wanted God, the higher ultimate power (I AM GOD). The very bane of humanity, these seven sins that are personified and terrorize everyone, are what drives all these people to search for the door it’s all in them. THEY ARE THE THEIR OWN ENEMY. And through out their journeys they all face moments of self doubt or rage or envy and self indulgent and pride and just—moments of self destruction and it’s through others that assist or stop them.

And in the end it’s through self sacrifice. Not just Ed sacrificing an arm to save his brother (the arm that holds his al’s hand) or his ultimate sacrifice, but Riza sacrificing a normal life for mustang and Lan Fan willing to die for Ling. LING WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIS FREEDOM FOR HIS COUNTRY. LIKE.


i finally have the chance to go on tumblr but my brother is standing behind me.

and i’m afraid.

This is my lot, he realized as he undressed, from now until the end of my days.

and since we’re on the top if of YA book to film Angelfall is going to be produced by Sam Raimi (as of now).

I’m so scared for this bc this book was really awesome but it’s just


but then

sam raimi.

he can do it right?