je ne sais pas
Caitlin. 24. Occupation: figuring it out. Currently writing a novel. Owns a cat and three dogs.

You forget the life you had before, after awhile. Things you cherish and hold dear are like pearls on a string. Cut the knot and they scatter across the floor, rolling into dark corners never to be found again. So you move on, and eventually you forget what the pearls even looked like. At least, you try.


I am the one who knocks.

s.4 ; ep.6

i am so angry but i’m out of fucks to give

all gone.

A lie. A sad, little lie, child.

But not today. It could not be today.

What is your relationship with Gwendoline like? [x]

Bring her home, Mance. I saved your son from Melisandre, and now I am about to save four thousand of your free folk. You owe me this one little girl.

I want to be free.