You've Seen Me

You’re lookin’ at it wrong, the sky. 

True Detective; After You’ve Gone

I don’t think I’ve been very clear with you, Rust. If you were drowning, I’d throw you a fucking barbell.

That evenin’, wasn’t even sundown and he decided it was a good time to invite me over for dinner, which I had a problem with. Alright, ‘cause I’m thinking about Marty’s wife and his two kids, and house and my daughter’s birthday and I know…there’s nothing I can do about it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I’m gonna have a drink.

And rise with me forever

Across the silent sand

And the stars will be your eyes

And the wind will be my hands

Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family

Peter and Nikolaj working hard.

As the First Squad Captain of the Shinsengumi, I shall give you your final lesson. When faced with an enemy considerably more powerful, it is best to overcome that fear with sheer numbers. Synchronize your breathing. Build up spirit in your heart and body. When you are at your peek, attack all at once!

DEATH NOTE; What’s Up People!? by Maximum the Hormone