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For too long, we’ve been put down, ridiculed, made to wear ties! But no more! For today, we defeat him!


happy new year’s eve, everyone! (or new year’s day if it’s already 2014 where you are!) have a hastily put together follow thing from me //sweats

the third one i’ve ever made and posted on new year’s eve at last minute. oops. i never would’ve imagined that in this time i’d make such wonderful friends on this site!!! but i did, somehow. and i love them. so i will blubber talk about some of them…

caitlin - my best friend for two years and still going strong. have met three times at disneyland. we are practically one being. when i graduate college i’m heading to cali and we’re getting an apartment full of books and cats and video games and it’s going to be great. love you.

cara - we’ve known each other for such a long time and i don’t know why it’s taken so long for us to bond since we are essentially the same person. we watch playthroughs and movies and scream talk about our sexual frustrations together over skype. she is my fantastic buddy friend and i lOOOOOOOVVEEEE HER SOOOOOO

magz - i might be magz’s number one fan. she is too fabulous and clever and holy crap wonderful. im not sure how she puts up with me and how flaky i can be on skype sometimes but i sure do consider her a very very dear friend of mine and she’s so talented and awesome and WOW MAGZ ILY we will meet again someday

claire - a dumb dumb dumbbutt i bonded with through party corpse a few months ago and she has become such a dandy dear friend of mine since!!!! we have the same sense of humor and love art and animation and most, most importantly, yoshiki kishinuma. we cry about these things often. i lAAAAhve u

janine - janine wOw i love her a lot hehe like she’s drawn me things that are wAY TOO GOOD AND NICE STAWP MY DARLING and we talk and cry about games (horror rpgs i got her into *evil laughter*) and other things ohoho and iTS GREAT I LOVE IT hella i’m glad we’ve become so much closer this year!!!!! <33 LOVE U

júlia - julia is way too nice and sweet to me for her own good. she is a wonderful friendly flower peanut and she’s sweet and perfect and makes THE CUTEST THINGS gifs drawings WHATEVER i love them i love her she listens to all my complaining on skype and holy gee whiz julia i lahv yOU

tori - my housemate from last year, who left me for disneyland. a very, very good friend of mine who i miss dearly at school. i consider her one of my best friends!!! i will continue to miss her viciously, and all the times we cried about graham on once ‘pon time. SMUSHES WITH HUG AND LOVES I LVOE YOU

amy ITS CINNA NOW DAD amy is wonderful and talented as all holy bananas and we both just lOVE OUR IZZY FUHRMAN BABY and even though we havent talked to each other as much recently as we usually do, she is still v important 2 me. <3 <3 my 6evah gurl. love u

and!!!!! of course!!!! these wonderful people who just brighten up my dash and my LIFE every day!!!!! whether they are friend-y friends or just people i really admire!!! or both!!! yeah!!!!!!!

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in conclusion, thanks for being hella, everyone. see ya in 2014!!!!

hugs ❤,
kenzie [bunsofcheese]

the last of us aka the last of you for a week or two bc god damn that game fucks you up. recovery time is needed maan

i just can’t win

let me take you out of this town
let me do it right now
i’m leaving, are you coming with me?


The Painted Veil (2006)

I knew when I married you that you were selfish and spoiled, but I loved you.

The Painted Veil (2006)



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