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my favorite free fonts:

giddyup std · uralita · sail · pacifico · ranger · grand hotel · komoda · lobster two · bellota · intro · all hail julia · helsinki · huruf miranti · fancypants · comic zine · blackout · lighthouse · cassannet


A couple of my followers have asked what my favourite fonts are. So, here are some of the ones I am fond of…

Justus . Dubiel . Problems
Lavanderia . Archivo Narrow . Parchment
CanCan de Bois . Jellyka le Grand Saut . EdmondSans
Georgia . Dearest Script . Orial
Pappo’s Blues Band . Seedy Motel . Men In Black
Impact Label + Reverse . Lainie Day . Bebas
Futura Medium . Shaun of the Dead . Tall Films
1942 Report . Byron

I hope you enjoy! x


More favourite fonts (a resource list):

higher | capsuula | val | ridge | accent | vger grotesque | valk | print clearly | salomé | promesh | rispa | lousiane | distractor | channel | playtime with hot toddies | brain flower | dominique | bamq | lev serif | magna | stroke | benthem | london | oranienbaum | broken records | rex | teletype 1945


I’ve been asked to compile a list of my favorite FREE fonts. So just a warning, this may get a bit lengthy.

SIMPLE: Justus, Adobe Caslon Pro Bold, Baskerville Serial, Baskerville Old Serial, Clarendon Light, Bodoni MT Poster, Angsana New Bold, IM FELL Types, Bodoni BE, Calendas Plus, Oranienbaum, Abraham Lincoln, Covington, Typography Times, Borgia Pro, Governor, Civita Light, Valentina, Interstate Bold Condensed, Univers Condensed Medium, Tommaso, Quattrocentro, Cassannet, Muchacho, Source Sans Pro, Otama, Leander, ChanticleerRoman, COCO, Oblik Classic, Calluna, Engebrechtre, Antique Book Cover, Elliptica, CF Paris, YoungSerif, Pure Thin, Old Standard TT, Oxford, Secca Std, Code, Edmondsans, Oil Can, Vevey, Alpha Headline, LugaBook, Marlboro

FANCY: Dubiel, Bodoni Svty Two, Brokgauz & Efron, Yeseva One, Schooner Script, Recorda Script, DaVinci Script Pro, Kawoszeh, Mimix, QumpellkaNo12, Gabriela, Age to Age, RoundHand, Bickham Script, Cylburn, Ekaterina Velikaya, Nouvelle Vague

FUNKY: Multicolore, Dia, Futuracha, Metropolis, Be Here Soon, Versa, Stitching, Bobber, TMC-Ong Do, Homestead, Telefono, Amadas Regular, Geared, Sequi, Imagination Station, Weston, Haymaker, Brush Strokes, Nougatine, Bioweapon, Frontage Outline, Tetra, Ribbon, Gado, Sail Away, Chapleau, Spring Cleaning, Fugitiva, BAMQ, Adec, Lovelo, Rubber Stamp, Up with the Birds, Langdon, Moonshiner, Carton, Valencia, Nelma, Riesling Regular, Colors of Autumn, Hyped, Men in Blue

(*** note: some fonts require a tweet as payment, but they’re all free.***)


A few fonts I think everyone should know of. This color palette was used.


20 Beautiful Fonts

Image One:

1:Adamas// 2:Andes// 3:Jane Austen// 4:Home Remedy// 5:The Roots// 6:Mom’s Typewriter// 7:Park Lane NF// 8:Barcode Font// 9:License Plates// 10:Kingthings Pique’n’meex

Image Two:

1:Dover Birds// 2:Figa// 3:Budmo// 4:Cassandra// 5:Desdemona// 6:Rose Caps// 7:Xtreem// 8:Showtime// 9:Leather// 10:Ruritania

What font did you use here/ how did you create this font effect? Thank you. :) 25(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/03bd8354cbf43c45fceada0e92c80d23/tumblr_mn4emwzjzZ1qe3hnzo1_r1_250(.)png

HEY! oh man i remember someone asking me about fonts and maybe this is a good time to post my favorite fonts while answering this question.

FIRST OFF. the font effect, as in, the text alignment? Like the letters aren’t all on the same line? That actually is just the font itself. One of the reasons why it’s a favorite of mine.


I should like make a post but i’m lazy so HERE YOU GO EVERYONE.


Have some fancy, schmancy handwritten fonts.

Nathaniel, A Mystery - Scotosaurus - Simply Glamorous - Sudestada - Sunshine In My Soul - Talking To The Moon - Soul HandwritingMumsies


↳ 25 Romantic Fonts | a subtle revelry
1. Clipper Script, by Måns Grebäck | 2. Daun Penh | 3. Cac Champagne, by American Greetings | 4. Nautik, by Henning Skibbe | 5. Sail, by Latinotype | 6. Learning Curve, by Blue Vinyl Fonts | 7. Parisienne, by Astigmatic One Eye | 8. Bodoni MT Condensed, by Monotype Type Drawing Office | 9.  Sachiko, by Lauren Thompson | 10. Lobster Two, by Pablo Impallari | 11. Ever After, by Michael A. Hernandez | 12. Brannboll, by Måns Grebäck | 13. Castro Script, by Måns Grebäck | 14. Swis 721 Outline, by Max Miedinger | 15. Little Days, by West Wind Fonts | 16. Italic C | 17. Courier New, by Adrian Frutiger | 18. Frykas Light*, by Baobaby Studio | 19. Jellyka Bees Antique, by Jellyka Nerevan | 20. Little Lord Fontleroy, by Nick’s Fonts | 21. Complex, by Qbotype | 22. Roman D | 23. Euro Roman | 24. Burgues Script*, by Alejandro Paul | 25. (Title) Matilde, by Typedepot


This is Vicky’s favorite fonts collection -Part 1-

Download ~ Likes are not mandatory but highly appreciated & PLEASE do not redistribute.


›› My 6 Favorite fonts

↳ AldineCoco - Blessed Day - Homestead - Colors of Autumn -Ranger


16 Favorite Fonts Part ii  

  1. Cinerama
  2. Prestige Elite STD
  3. Mesquite STD
  4. Lorena
  5. Oil Can
  6. Bemio
  7. Broken Records
  8. Portal Black
  9. Movie Letters
  10. LeviBrush
  11. SS ADEC
  12. The Only Exception
  13. Jane Austen
  14. Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen
  15. Wisdom Script AI
  16. Niemeyer

*for fonts from losttype, type “0” as the price

Fonts for everyone~

Aller | Aaargh | Fangtasia | Gabriola | Tall Dark and Handsome | Ostrich | Zag | Never Let Go | Bell MT

al kisah / so cute / alphabits / outback / kate / scribble scratch / duckie / soft ornaments