American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Other random books people give me but idk.
Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
caitlin; 24; los angeles; writer

California boy has got a hard-on for jungle fever.

endless list of favorite video games 

Far Cry 3 - The world is a diagonal… I am the balancing point.”

for some minutes Alice stood without speaking,looking out in all directions over the country,and a most curious country it was.


Far Cry 3 Live Action

So… what about Snow White?
You know, I don’t give a fuck about him. I don’t give a fuck.
Really? Then why am I here?
Once you got the ransom money, his friends are gonna be sold like that. I shot his older brother. I did what you wanted with his younger brother. Except it’s my sister… she’s inking that white boy.
I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. It is by my grace that your head isn’t impaled on the antenna of my car! Therefore, I would like it if you gave a fuck about Jason Brody!
Okay, Hoyt. Okay, alright.
Fantastic! I am really loving this weather.

 Far Cry 3