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Hi, so there are a lot of memes going around on tumblr and I haven’t seen many ‘narrative-esque’ memes. So, I thought that this would be a great idea to go deeper into stories than just ‘favourite characters’, ‘favourite tv shows’ or ‘favourite films’. You can edit this as much as you want, add things etc. I’d really love it if people started doing this, because it is definitely in my opinion a nice meme, especially since there are so many talented people here on tumblr from what I’ve seen, for example, the history and literature memes. 

  • 10 archetypes: the different types of characters, click here for a list. 
  • 7 genres: the different types of genres, click here for a list.
  • 6 settings: the setting of the story, so where the story takes place, click here for a list.
  • 5 narratives: the types of narrative, example: film, television, games, photography, theatre, poetry, myths, legends. click here for some more examples.
  • 4 plots: the different types of plots, click here for a list.
  • 3 point of views: the different types of point of views, so how a story is told to the reader or watcher, click here for a list.

If you want some inspiration or do not know what I mean with some of these, please visit the above mentioned links (the click here’s). If you still have questions, you can always message me, since I got a lot of those with the fangirl challenge. 


No-bake strawberry cheesecake 
{by Call Me Cupcake}

Indiana Jones - The Temple of Doom

J. M. W. Turner - Morning Amongst The Coniston Falls, Cumberland (1798)