American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Other random books people give me but idk.
Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
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                         Vera’s Follow Forever

I follow over 260 blogs and it was really hard to make a FF, i’ve spent so much time and I hope I didn’t forget anyone! I tried to put in this list people who make my dash beautiful every day:) Some of people below follow me and some of them not but  i love their blogs and I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me :D Thank you, you made my year. Most of you i’ve never even talked to but you should know that I love you from the distance and secretely admire you, i think i’m too shy and sometimes I just don’t want to annoy people with my english which is so far from perfection. So..I tried to put the blogs in the alphabet order but  i didn’t do this in a proper way. I just put your blogs in categories ABC,DEF etc(i’m sorry i hope that doesn’t make you feel confused)

ABC: andrewserkis, agentscullbags, andrewsgarfield, amyblinked, amblinghobbits, accio-glow, alaynestone, augustines, ameling,  bilbotheburglar, britneylost, boobsinger, behindmylove, burglingbaggins, cemetery, catestarks, charliekellys, calikalie, crestas

DEF: darylings, daylong, daenerystargaryen, davosseaworth, deanwnchster, dannymahealani, destinedtobe, dangerouslywatson, darkaparadises, elijahwood, exbloodjunkie, emmawetson, elfkings, everythingislost, eikenschild, fordprefects, freefolking

GHI: gillany, hagrids, homeisbehindtheworldahead, houseoakenshield, halflings, hausofantasy, imwithfrodo, ivylovesatook, idkflames, idril-celebrindal

JKL: juliettburke, jaimelannister, justpayingattention, katesaustens, lannisterss, lestreep, lostinmiddleearth, lestarks, lumos-maxima, ladybriennes, leegpace, lyannastarrk, lionswolf, ladyofrohan, linakal

MNO: mydearchevy, meerareed, momoas, mcnivens, merlns, manced, nedstarking, neilpatrickharris, naevia, northernwinters, noblefighter, oakenshielding, otylers, orianecongosts, oakenshielden, ourswansong

PQR: padalescki, pelennorfieldsforever, prisseusjackson, pondora, peregrint, pipppintook, pondmelody, rowboatcop, restarks, -rowling

STU: shattered-fate, stannisbaratheon, stewartish, spoiltheending, stevemcqueened, skylaring, sparklingenchanted, stonehearting, sirboromir, shireens,  truesouls, turnerrs, themcavoys, themotherofall, thechevroletimpala, tardishearts, thefireisinourblood, uneamiedelabc

VWX: vetica, vronskyx, wildlinging, winchestre, winpez, winterinmybones, winterkiss, wakingpies, wildshieldmaiden

YZ: zcastiel, zombeliever