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Caitlin. 24. Occupation: figuring it out. Currently writing a novel. Owns a cat and three dogs.

                         Vera’s Follow Forever

I follow over 260 blogs and it was really hard to make a FF, i’ve spent so much time and I hope I didn’t forget anyone! I tried to put in this list people who make my dash beautiful every day:) Some of people below follow me and some of them not but  i love their blogs and I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me :D Thank you, you made my year. Most of you i’ve never even talked to but you should know that I love you from the distance and secretely admire you, i think i’m too shy and sometimes I just don’t want to annoy people with my english which is so far from perfection. So..I tried to put the blogs in the alphabet order but  i didn’t do this in a proper way. I just put your blogs in categories ABC,DEF etc(i’m sorry i hope that doesn’t make you feel confused)

ABC: andrewserkis, agentscullbags, andrewsgarfield, amyblinked, amblinghobbits, accio-glow, alaynestone, augustines, ameling,  bilbotheburglar, britneylost, boobsinger, behindmylove, burglingbaggins, cemetery, catestarks, charliekellys, calikalie, crestas

DEF: darylings, daylong, daenerystargaryen, davosseaworth, deanwnchster, dannymahealani, destinedtobe, dangerouslywatson, darkaparadises, elijahwood, exbloodjunkie, emmawetson, elfkings, everythingislost, eikenschild, fordprefects, freefolking

GHI: gillany, hagrids, homeisbehindtheworldahead, houseoakenshield, halflings, hausofantasy, imwithfrodo, ivylovesatook, idkflames, idril-celebrindal

JKL: juliettburke, jaimelannister, justpayingattention, katesaustens, lannisterss, lestreep, lostinmiddleearth, lestarks, lumos-maxima, ladybriennes, leegpace, lyannastarrk, lionswolf, ladyofrohan, linakal

MNO: mydearchevy, meerareed, momoas, mcnivens, merlns, manced, nedstarking, neilpatrickharris, naevia, northernwinters, noblefighter, oakenshielding, otylers, orianecongosts, oakenshielden, ourswansong

PQR: padalescki, pelennorfieldsforever, prisseusjackson, pondora, peregrint, pipppintook, pondmelody, rowboatcop, restarks, -rowling

STU: shattered-fate, stannisbaratheon, stewartish, spoiltheending, stevemcqueened, skylaring, sparklingenchanted, stonehearting, sirboromir, shireens,  truesouls, turnerrs, themcavoys, themotherofall, thechevroletimpala, tardishearts, thefireisinourblood, uneamiedelabc

VWX: vetica, vronskyx, wildlinging, winchestre, winpez, winterinmybones, winterkiss, wakingpies, wildshieldmaiden

YZ: zcastiel, zombeliever