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Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood, 2007


Daniel Day-Lewis being extremly cute and sexy [x]


Daniel Day-Lewis photographed by Kevin Scanlon

❝ It was an actor that murdered Abraham Lincoln, and so therefore it is only fitting that every now and then an actor tries to bring him back to life. ❞
Daniel Day Lewis, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards acceptance speech, 2013 (via freecocaine)

Daniel Day-Lewis at the 28th Santa Barbara International Film Festival // January 26, 2013

❝ Dillon Freasier (who plays H.W. Plainview, the son of the character played by Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood) was not an actor; he was an elementary student near the film’s West Texas shooting location. On the radio program “Fresh Air with Terry Gross,” Paul Thomas Anderson told Gross that when the production was trying to convince Dillon’s mother to allow Dillon to be in the movie, his mother wanted to figure out who Day-Lewis was, so she rented a copy of Gangs of New York (2002) (in which Day-Lewis plays a murderous gang leader nicknamed “The Butcher”). She panicked at the idea of her son spending time with the man she saw in that movie, so the ‘There Will Be Blood’ casting department rushed to her a copy of The Age of Innocence (1993), in which Day-Lewis plays a civilized and gentle man. ❞

Daniel Day-Lewis


Daniel Day-Lewis by Juergen Teller for W Magazine

I avoid talking about the way I work. But in avoiding it I seem only to have encouraged people to focus their fantasies about me in an ever more fantastical way. Daniel Day Lewis

Backstage with Daniel Day-Lewis, best actor winner at the 70th Annual Golden Globes.


TIME’s Screening of Lincoln and Q&A with Steven Spielberg and Daniel-Day Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis and Martin Scorsese on the set of “Gangs of New York” (2002).