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I haven’t touched my laptop since last night what

Carissa and I are going to do everything to get yoda dog ears.

It really bugs me when people write meta or respond to an argument/debate with a long, huge ass backstory on some character and then ask with palms up for sympathy or understanding or just plain like, admiration. And then when you still reframe from “agreeing” you suddenly become heartless.

You know what, no. I don’t care if your parents trained you to become a psycho killer while abusing you up and down and now only the death of other people’s crazy ass parents, evil or not, can keep you calm and feeling human. Yea, I get why you do what you do. Yea, I agree that those parents are fucked up and deserve punishment, BUT KILLING IS BAD. YOU KILL. YOU BAD. Just because I think you’re wrong doesn’t mean I don’t like your character within the story. It just means YOU’RE BAD. YOU’RE NOT SOMEONE TO BE IDOLIZED AND PUT ON A PEDESTAL FOR TAKING “THE LAW INTO YO HANDS.”

Backstories help form understanding and create sympathy but they’re not meant to be used as excuses.

sorry random.

Hey, you don’t think he got lost or anything, do you?


Silver Linings Playbook is forever engraved in my heart.

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writes ten thousand words. suddenly can’t write a decent five hundred.

ian mckellen has prostate cancer?

venemousvoice replied to your post: sometimes i want to play maplestory and other…

It’ s because the essay is due DON’T LISTEN TO IT

it’s like your right by my side cheering me on. slapping my head when I start to mess around on the interent. 

thank you

i wonder when voting will be available online, at home.

if they ever find a safe system.

So i just heard that they’re bringing some of The Hobbit props to the museum at Warner Bros and I’m really excited right now.

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