je ne sais pas
Caitlin. 24. Occupation: figuring it out. Currently writing a novel. Owns a cat and three dogs.

I feel like men are more romantic than women. When we get married we marry, like, one girl, ‘cause we’re resistant the whole way until we meet one girl and we think I’d be an idiot if I didn’t marry this girl, she’s so great. But it seems like girls get to a place where they just kinda pick the best option; ‘Oh he’s got a good job.’’ I mean they spend their whole life looking for Prince Charming and then they marry the guy who’s got a good job and is gonna stick around.

and if i broke your heart last night,

it’s because i love you most of all.

you always hurt the one you love

How do you trust your feelings when they can just disappear like that?