You've Seen Me

she was never yours -

get to know me meme – (2/5) favorite video games

BioShock Infinite (2013)

"And the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great and he repented that he had made man on the earth. Rain, Forty-days and Fourty-nights of the stuff, and he left not a thing that walked alive. You see my friends, even god is entitled to a do-over, and what is Columbia if not another ark, for another time." (x)

“In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parents who loses a child.”

The bottom of the sea is cruel.

are you afraid of god?
no, but i’m afraid of you.

everything has changed

Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite Concept Art


burial at sea | a morbid dirge in a doomed atlantis