You've Seen Me

maybe i should take a nap

“That boy. I’ve never seen anyone look so defeated.”
“That’s what you saw? No. There was fire in those eyes.


If you ever get worried that you’re fangirling too hard, just remember that in ‘The Book Thief’ Rudy Steiner paints himself black and sprints around the athletics field pretending to be Jesse Owens.  In Nazi Germany.


Includes 35 textures mostly of the grungy, dirty variety. Some are of my own creation, but quite a few are taken from other sources [x] [x] (all within the rules). If use, please like or reblog!


Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can’t reply, I just have to read it and post it.

a lot of times i end up thinking about blood meridian and like judge

and how judge is the most frightening, vilest and violent yet enlightened villain i’ve ever come across

and then he’s suppose to symbolize god



i am laughing bc i now realize that half you people don’t KNOW THAT I WAS WILDLINGING BEFORE OHDICKINS. DO I NEED TO REMIND EVERYONE.

i don’t know about you guys but “what are you writing about?” is equivilant to “what are your deepest darkest kinky sex desires that you would rather cut a toe off then reveal to a living and breathing soul?”

by the way if you don’t wanna see dah anime or inuyasha on yo dash blacklist anime* or inuyasha or whatevas.




college students, is a conventient sort of search site that rifles through all sorts of online stores and ads looking for the text books you need, newest edition, you can look specifically for used books or ones with a buyback program, and stuff. and can be a lot cheaper, saved me $400 one semester

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Re-Covered Books: The Great Gatsby

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