You've Seen Me

Sorry, but you’re not going to become Fire Lord today.


Azula babe


Sokka, when you first arrived, you were so unsure. You even seemed down on yourself. But I saw something in you right away. I saw a heart as strong as a lion turtle, and twice as big. And as we trained, it wasn’t your skills that impressed me. No it certainly wasn’t your skills.You showed something beyond that: creativity, versatility, intelligence. These are the traits that define a great swordsman. And these are the traits that define you. You told me that you didn’t know if you were worthy, but I believe you to be more worthy than any man I have ever trained.

happy birthday yun!


Legendary by ~c-dra

Let’s go find him and give him a medal. The ‘Not-As-Much-Of-A-Jerk-As-You-Could-Have-Been Award!’

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Fire cannot kill a dragon.

I don’t have sob stories like all of you. I could sit here and complain how our mom liked Zuko more than me. But I don’t really care. My own mother thought I was a monster… She was right of course, but it still hurt.

Katara: What are you doing?!
Zuko: Keeping rocks from crushing you.
Katara: Okay, I’m not crushed. You can get off me now.

Eight Caps Per Episode
Zuko Alone (2x07)

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