slam dunk me into the nearest trash can


I have so many books to read so why am I on tumblr 

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08 20 2014

emperorsgoldentoilet whispered: Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto ten of your favorite followers :)

okay here we go

  1. my name is caitlin
  2. i’m 24 years old
  3. i love literature and i have a soft spot of YA so don’t you dare look at me like that
  4. i love period tv shows and movies. i love period anything period. (I just thoguth of something gross ew)
  5. i have three dogs and a cat named me-mow cat assassin.
  6. i am writing a book.
  7. i love musicals and music and pretty much anything that makes noise that is purposefully made to enjoy.
  8. i’m addicted to diet coke and diet dr. pepper.
  9. and frozen yogurt

08 16 2014


How to Dance to Dubstep

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I pledge allegiance to the bag of the United States of Trash.

08 11 2014


went in strong, came out crying over a CGI tree voiced by vin diesel 

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08 10 2014