You've Seen Me


Aaron Paul as J.J. in A Long Way Down. (X)

‘JJ has some similarities to Jesse. I think Jesse is very lost. He’s struggling to get his footing. He’s somewhat tortured. And JJ is definitely tortured. He can’t deal with himself, which is so awful.’


Blazer Glory: Aaron Paul in Esquire UK 2014


Like a sad and broken-hearted lover who can’t get over an ex, Aaron Paul adores Breaking Bad, the television show that made him and left him, and is always on his mind. “I had an incredible experience, why wouldn’t I want that again?” Big bright blue eyes sparkle as he smiles, thinking of times past, his final days with his sweetheart of seven years. “I kept walking around, all day long, going, ‘This is awful. This is f****** terrible.’ I was super-depressed, then we hugged, we cried, we got matching tattoos.”  (X)

Aaron Paul in Atlanta promoting his movie ‘Need for Speed’ (February 17, 2014) 


Berlin, 10.02.2014 | Aaron Paul | @berlinale aaronpaulonline

Aaron Paul, winner of the Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Drama Series award for ‘Breaking Bad’, poses in the press room during the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards


Aaron Paul - Flaunt, August 2010 (Photo: Greg Gorman)

What do you want people to remember about Breaking Bad?

I can’t do it Mr. White. I’m not a—