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I figured it was time to give these another go because I needed a way to acknowledge all the wonderful people that made my Tumblr experience so amazing and terribly distracting. I love you all so much and I’m so grateful to have met you this year! Even if we haven’t talked (which is a shame), you still mean a lot to me and I look forward to enjoying 2014 with you all :)

Also, an extra-special shout out to the people I might have forgotten, the people I love to talk to but don’t necessarily follow, and the xkit guy. I apologize if I messed up somewhere!

[NETWORK BABES] you guys have made my first Tumblr network experience indescribable (in the good way!) and I can’t believe I was fortunate enough to meet you all <3

[MUTUALS] Quinn . Sara . Brenda . Morgan . Jess . Swetha . Travis . Kiana . Nina . Emily

[SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES] apiaries . blurrymelancholy . crimical . deducers . doomslock . fassyy . godtiss . hanniballecters . herrholmes . hiddlestonss . jameskirke . judelw . liarloki . mydraco . romolagarai . sherleck . shylocks . sirnovak . starksexual . teaandbbc . travellersfarfromhome . unreasonablyme . velificantes . wildlinging

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if i forgot anyone, i’m sorry i didn’t mean to.


People who make my dash way much better.

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