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Hello! This is a sort of a follow forever i decide to make because i need to tell to all of you that i’m in love with your blog.

I mostly post/reblog manga caps, and the ones i reblog comes from your blog, so every blog i listed above reblogs or do awesome manga caps

Maybe i included a blog i had also included in my last FF, forgive me!


you guys are awesome and i hope you get everything your heart wishes for this Christmas. thanks guys! 

bold - you’re my favorite of favorites. shhh, don’t tell the other bloggers ;))

a-c: avengerennerson, albuscarfypotter, ammapreakers, aseaofquotes, alphaquadrantic, atouchaway, aguamentea, andrew-garfield, amyliapond, artparkinsons, andlionheart, babyyounotalone, booksandhotchocolate, broomstixs, brittasperry, baelor, bloodydifficult, benbatfleck, barneystinson, bananastands, captain-swan, cumberlord, clarasbowtie, crystalreed, crestas, colinodonorgasm

d-f: davidsteninch, darthvaderr, danielradcliffes, dragonborn, deppody, dracocos, diannasagronsky, damnthosebowlegs, drunkandblogging, dlittleone, excepttheeyes, edwardelrics, elijahwood, elevenssouffles, fuckyeahstarkidpotter, finnicksmellarks, fitzandsimmons, flawlessirish

g-i: goshdarncute, garfizzle, gershons, holymusicalbatman, hurries, howethornes, hohohiddles, headlessnicks, horany, himymthebest, imsirius

j-l: joshradnor, johannachristmason, jamessirius, kevinmchales, katnisseverthrone, lannnister, lmnpnch, loganlerman, lordspock, ladymargaerytyrell, lukecastellan, leaveatrail, ladymidnights, lauuwmcfly

m-o: mutedlikesunset, mydraco, mosbyy, melark, monteiths, maybeiwantthetrouble, northernwatertribe, nataliastark, newgirlthings, nearlyheadlessfinnick, neilpatricksharris, nattdormer, ohceedeecastle, obrozey, onceuponarumple

p-r: petrrcapaldi, pureheartemotion, ppippinpdfoots, psychadelias, peenisseverlark, queencersei, romanovah, robinhook, radagaast, robinscherbatsky, redinwhite, riddleharry, robbstark, robin-scherbatsky, riddlemetom

s-v: stonehearting, songsofwolves, schbatsky, stannisbaratheon, skywalkerss, sindarin, swarley, sherleck, thisishowimet, theelfmaiden, thatbluebox, thestarkswillendure, thedayoftheclara, thrysdottir, timberlaking, tenhawthorne, targaryensrhaegar, tomhiddlstn, thespngames, theonqreyjoy, thegirlincendio, thisasian, theinfernaldevices, vinterfell



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hi everyone, the reason why i’m making this is 1) because i saw so many on my blog and wanted to make one too, 2) because i reached a really nice goal, 3) i want to show you that i love you all and i admire your blogs. so well, the people in this follow forever really brighten up my dash, with their personalities or their blog (or both ofcourse). and i wish you all the best christmas ever and i hope all your wishes will come true hehe! favourites are bolded. also, i probably forgot some people FORGIVE ME but there are so many url changes for christmas and i can’t keep up omg. still remember that i still think you’re fab even if i might have forgotten you.


ABCDEF || acciowolf, aesthesos, ahundredlifetimes, alaskayoung, avoxia, barathion, bilboriddles, capitole, capitolsecrets, capitolsfury, catherineearnshaws, cestials, christmasgales, crestadeen, donnermaysileeeverafterdeen, everlame, everllarks, fantasticremus, fassyy, fennick, fuckingderek

GHIJKL || gendreh, goldensnitching, hawtornes, hearthornehewthorne, katnissmelark, keverdeen, lecresta, leepace, lylawinston

MNOPQ || mockingdream, mockingfire, mockingkiss, mydraco, mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou, odairbear, ohaldir, ohdear-prongs, ohtonks

RSTUVWXYZ || ronweasley, rruedolph, ruevolution, sarark, scaredpotter, theinfernaldevices, theonqreyjoytoddsfall, wildlinging, winslet, winterkiss

and ofcourse everyone in the ministry of angels because you guys are all absolutely fabulous and i love you.

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