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“I will not hang him,” said Jon. “Bring him here.”
“Oh, Seven save us,” he heard Bowen Marsh cry out.
The smile that Lord Janos Slynt smiled then had all the sweetness of rancid butter. Until Jon said, “Edd, fetch me a block,” and unsheathed Longclaw.

GOT meme | seven quotes (2/7) | excerpt from adwd


|GoT MEME| Seven Scenes in Season 2 [6/7- Qhorin Halfhand fights Jon Snow

Our honor means no more than our lives, so long as the realm is safe. Are you a man of the Night’s Watch?  Qhorin Halfhand; A Clash of Kings


“Maybe he never washes, so he smells as rank as a bear”

“Then I’d push him in a stream or throw a bucket o’ water on him. Anyhow, men shouldn’t smell sweet like flowers.”

“What’s wrong with flowers?”

Jon and Ygritte in ASOS

Wanted to draw my otp being a pair of cute ass idiots. 

He was who he was; Jon Snow, bastard and oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned. For the rest of his life-however long that might be-he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name.


I want to fight for the side that fights for the living


When Jon had been very young, too young to understand what it meant to be a bastard, he used to dream that one day Winterfell might be his. Later, when he was older, he had been ashamed of those dreams. Winterfell would go to Robb and then his sons, or to Bran or Rickon should Robb die childless. And after them came Sansa and Arya. Even to dream otherwise seemed disloyal, as if he were betraying them in his heart, wishing for their deaths. I never wanted this, he thought as he stood before the blue-eyed king and the red woman. I loved Robb, loved any of them… I never wanted any harm to come to them, but it did.


“There’s been no one,” he confessed. “Only you.” 

Why I Respect Jon Snow and How You Can Too

I feel like Jon Snow is one of the most under appreciated characters of ASOIaF while being one of the most exposed. He’s like this poster child for HBO or the cardboard cut out that is placed next to a display table with stacks of ASOIaF books and other ASOIaF paraphernalia at Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately he’s treated as such, dull and thin as cardboard.

It bugs the crap out of me and saddens me to pieces how overlooked Jon is at times. I’m not asking you to start luuuving Jawn Snew and swooning over his floppy hair and that upside down U shaped pout. Nothing of that sort. I just want the guy to get what he deserves: some appreciation and respect (after this you can still joke about him, but with newfound understanding of his character).

WARNING ADWD SPOILERS (and this is really long)

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Sam’s no different from the rest of us. There was no place for him in the world, so he’s come here. We’re not gonna hurt him in the training yard anymore. Never again, no matter what Thorne says. He’s our brother now, and we’re going to protect him.