American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Other random books people give me but idk.
Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
Today my boss told me he broke up with his girlfriend of five years and I thought he was joking because, he LOVES her and usually he lies to me about everything so I never believe him, so I was like I'm telling the first person who comes out of the bathroom and ENDS UP THAT HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH AND I'M A TOTAL ASSHOLE WHO TOLD SOMEONE AND WASN'T SUPPOSED TO.


Okay firstly SORRY FOR THE SHITTY GRAPHIC yes that is supposed to be Peeta dipping bread in hot chocolate I fail at life omg

Just thought I’d chip in with one of these… here are some super quality blogs and super awesome people who never fail to brighten my dash :’) It’s not in alphabetical order because I’m a lazy fucker, and sorry sorry if I have forgotten anyone! Have a great Christmas/happy holidays everyone! :D

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