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John Irving

"I wonder if we could bring mom back…"

manga meme: (1/4 friendships) Edward and Alphonse Elric (FMA)

Ah! We’re all beat up. There’s no way we can suck this much.

If you draw Edward Elric with his kids, I will seriously melt into a puddle and stay there for days.


In FMA, family is the heart of the story, lets be real. It is what drives the brothers to first commit the taboo of human transmutation in the first place, it is also what drives them to make them whole once again. It’s through family (their own small family and surragate) that they’re able to find support along their journey. And if those families are torn because of them, they are even more determined make it right, to make their family right for the sake of other families. There are other characters who have lost part parents and siblings and seek justice and revenge. There are siblings who are nothing alike, who live in opposite sides of the country, yet they come together to help support another pair of siblings in need. The are mothers who’ve lost children—who can’t even start a family—who find love and family in two lonely souls. They find a mother they’ve missed in her as well. And then! A man who carries nothing but grief and death and loss is finally able to find joy and true love when he witnessing his legacy, his family shine and feel whole.

So this idea of Ed having his own kids, his own family, it’s like a dream come true. It’s everything Ed worked for. Everything he strived from the moment his father walked out the door. With his family, he is whole.