You've Seen Me

This will forever be my favorite story told by Eddie Redmayne.


What’s your life philosophy?

‘Take life step by step, pace by pace, slowly, slowly and leave the competition to others.’ It’s from a letter Chekhov wrote to his wife Olga Knipper.


“For me color blindness feels like you haven’t really been taught colors particularly well, so a dark blue I’ll think is a purple and a purple with lots of whites in it I’ll think is a blue. Particular tones of green and brown and red become confusing.

photo by Linda Brownlee for The Times Magazine | uncut photo is here

“Do I feel posh? Well. I suppose. I went to Eton. I have lots of friends from there. I also went to Cambridge. So. Yes. I definitely come from a privileged background. But I also have lots of friends from different walks of life.”

Listen, acting is not surgery, it’s entertainment. You’re doing something to hopefully move people, to make them laugh, to transport them. But actors are vulnerable, and the reason we’re vulnerable is that we’re always trying to recreate human behavior.