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Kissed me, betrayed me.

Jon glanced back at Stannis. For an instant their eyes met. Then the king nodded and went back inside his tower.

Anonymous said:
who would you say is your #1 above-anyone-else favourite character and why?


(mild rebellion spoilers…… not really………….)

i’ve been avoiding this question for so long omfg you’re finally forcing me to make a decision about this

i definitely have two clear top favorites, edward elric and homura akemi, but the question of which one is #1 is really difficult. both have helped me greatly and made me a different person and i identify HEAVILY with homura but find general comfort and happiness in edward. i’m really conflicted as to who to choose but after completely derailing for like 20 minutes i’ve come to the decision

edward elric is my number one favorite character ever. i adore homura. i will always adore her and she is my favorite female character ever and she is stunning and i don’t think i’ll ever identify with a character more than i identify with her. but the fact of the matter is, fma is the more important series to me. fma changed my life— it ended on the best note possible and it gives me hope. pmmm originally ended on that same note, but then rebellion happened and made me feel really…… not good……. about a lot of things. the general feeling of it makes me feel sick and empty, whereas edward elric, who represents fma and everything within that, makes me feel joy and hope. (hope is why i was originally drawn to homura!!!!!! i have written thousands of words of meta on the subject of her and hope!!!!!!!!!!! thanks rebellion for tearing all of that down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

okay but i’m gonna move on to why i actually love edward elric as a character lmao……….. he was originally my favorite fictional character hands-down until i watched pmmm for the first time. he is truly one of the best characters i’ve ever watched develop. i’m not as coherent about him as i am about other characters, but i’m gonna try to talk as best i can.

he’s an asshole with a heart of gold. he loves his brother more than anything. he keeps moving forward. his ~tortured past~ isn’t used as a plot device to make him seem more appealing. he wears elevator boots bc he’s fuckin tiny. he’s kind. he thinks red is a manly color that gets the blood pumping and he makes sure his hair sticks up to give him an extra inch of height. he never stops fighting.

he is symbol of hope for me. i’m depressed often and fma really, really helped me. it’s just a story about how life is beautiful and how everyone is amazing and to be cherished and edward elric represents that. he fights and fights and fights and loses so much and GAINS so much. he gains wisdom and love and he never, ever loses his hope. he fights and he WINS and he gives up his alchemy because he doesn’t need it when he has his friends. he doesn’t need his alchemy!!!!!!!!!! the thing he’s defined by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he gives it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he’s a beautiful sunbeam shining down upon me and literally when i’m feeling goddamn fucking awful i actually think “what would edward elric tell me? what would he do right now?” and i think about the “stand up and keep walking” line from the first volume (second episode???? fourth episode????) and i have actually cried to myself because of that. he gives me so, so much hope and he is truly the embodiment of what i want to do. i am going to stand up and keep walking no matter what because that’s what edward elric wants me to do. because that’s what edward elric did.

i could get into describing his absolutely beautiful development and personality and so, so much more but i haven’t reread/rewatched recently and i am a little rusty on the specifics. i think you get the idea lmao omg i’m sorry for writing an essay

i love edward elric so much i hope i’m vaguely coherent in this

I was getting out of the shower and I got hit with immense TLOU and TWDG feelings sledge hammer and then my head peeled back the layers and I NEEDED to get everything out of my head. So here you go.

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I hope you know, how much my heart depends.

Indiana Jones and the Scenery Porn

You’re mine as I am yours. And if we die, we die. But first we’ll live.

Yes, first we’ll live.