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Ben Whishaw wins lead actor at the BAFTA’s

“I just keep myself to myself”


I always feel I am in the dark. You are never finished…it is not as if you can look back and think: ah…I know what I am talking about. You are only as good as your last job and are always struggling and striving and you never quite get to where you want to be…


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“When he tries to explain the attachment he comes to feel for characters that he is playing, Whishaw becomes uncharacteristically talkative. ‘Characters like Hamlet - and I suspect John Keats will be like that too - just amaze me, they take me over, make me fall in love with them, make me stretch myself and want to be a better, more interesting person than I am. That’s why it feels like such a loss when I lose them, as if I’ve had to let go of their hand.’”