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hi this might be a weird question but i only started following you recently but I noticed that you occasionally reblog anime which feels so out of place compared to your other fandoms and the aesthetic things you reblog/post 99% of the time. and that's cool! I love anime too. I was just wondering what are you favorite animes and stuff :D


I am laughing a bit bc I have my animu and mangoo phases where I’m just watching a lot of anime, reading a lot of manga. (btw i run a manga blog with a friend of mine and it’s been like over a yeaaar now since we’ve had it and it’s cool i am proud of it). So yes, you caught me while I’m in my animanga off mode. But i still have my favorites I occasional reblog and stuff.

animanga (so both the manga and anime are equally good)

  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Gintama


  • Inuyasha
  • cowboy bebop
  • samurai champloo
  • steins;gate

manga at its best (the stuff in italics are shoujo)

  • the breaker
  • gangsta
  • beelzebub
  • strobe edge
  • bokura ga ita
  • kokoro botan

I’m sure there are more, but i feel like THESE are the ones I’ll always drool and love and hold dear even when i’m in anime off mode.

i just started tlou remastered thanKS for introducing it to me and i'll report back when my soul is in tatters 🙆


Can you choose how big/small the tattoo is? Because the antlers could be pretty on your inner forearm, and could be added to or reworked easily.

I’m honestly not sure. I have a feeling they have a preprinted stamps and probably can’t adjust the size. BUt it wouldn’t hurt to ask and see what they could do.

They are professionals (as I did my research) and they’ve got a pretty cool set up. BUT YEA IDUNNO

which of those tattoos are you thinking of getting?? :)

Five or six.

Twelve and thirteen though are sOO COOl but I’m not sure I could live with that five years from now. Five and six though, I’m down wiTH.

you should totally go for it and get that tattoo tbh