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this was very indulgent

Songs of Wolves Christmas Follow 2012



These are the blogs that have made my 2012 fab!

This is not really a ‘follow forever’ but more of a

shout-out to all these gems who regularly fill my

my dash + inbox, making tumblr a great place to be!

Special Mentions :

 Anberlyn   Ashton   Bronson   Chelsea 

Ellyce   Ju    Katie   M    Naima   Nana 

 Rachel   Rebecca   Shaye    Yasmin 


People who make my dash awesome with

all the fandom-related stuff and conversation :

aaronpauled  admiratios  brambleberrycottage  cahbot 

clawsandfangs  lordmanderblee  linndechir  mmorrow 

munfali-ka-chilka  ninneve  paperback-raita  rubyredwisp 

sansa-snark  siwann  somosinevitables  swordinthedarkness 

veranke  visualbreathing  wildroses-peonies  zeldona 

Some more lovely people whose talent inspires me :

balerion   batmaned   calikalie   captainkillian 

frompillow  fearbreeze  keiranatalie  ladybriennes 

merlns  missfrozenyogurt  northerndawn  peregrint

rekkka   thorinss   villainyforbeginners   wildling 

And last but not least 

 my blogroll


apparently i’m a slave 4 u is not an appropriate song to put on a powerpoint about the 13th amendment

So i just heard that they’re bringing some of The Hobbit props to the museum at Warner Bros and I’m really excited right now.


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The Walking Dead season 3 / Michonne, The Governor , Merle Dixon, Rick Grimes.

Kill Them All
Ramin Djawadi

Kill Them All (Game of Thrones Soundtrack) - Ramin Djawadi


i’ll just go cry in a corner

“Get one thing straight. You’re staying? This isn’t a democracy anymore.”
2.13 - Beside the Dying Fire

Cell Block Tango

Link anyone?