slam dunk me into the nearest trash can

so i’ve had this blog since march, and i’ve found myself surrounded by some pretty fucking cool blogs/people and idk what to do other than celebrate their tolerance with me. you’re all pretty awesome, but ignore my rambling & follow these fools:
a-k: annakendrick, aqquarium,  armedbasterds, bertoluccis, brittaperry, captainkillian, darvelle,  delacrumo, dwarfkili, fassyy, finnjoness, itsgrimmy, jonknows, joydivisions, kawaicandy
m-z: magicblood, marioncotillard, pegsolson, pieceofgold, romankacew, samrileying, seydoux-me, slayerage, strks, violetnordstrom, whokilledcookie, wildlinging, zimska
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