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They said from the beginning it was going to have a lot of movie scenes. I’m pretty happy with it, although I’m surprise they were able to put this out so soon after they finished shooting lol

Yea, I read that too and I was doubtful then. Like, I’m sort of excited, but not really? I’m excited for Robert as Simon and I think Jamie as Jace looked good. In fact, the casting’s well done. I’m just—

I got tired of the series a few years ago >.> so I’m harsher and not as into as others but I’m still curious because I’ve been infested in Cassandra Clare since I was in high school and I’m hoping it will be decent. 

I was actually done with the series after the fourth book. Few book series hold my interest past the third book and this one was the same. I guess I got tired of the same old world. And now it feels like Cassandra is really milking out the whole shadowhunter thing by writing a second series and now announcing she’ll do a third series. Doesn’t she get bored writing about the same world over and over again?

I’ve been getting excited about all these movie to YA book adaptions, whether I like the book or not. Mainly because, it feels like in the past movie producers didn’t really care about turning YA novels into movies and now there’s a trend of it. I know they do it because of the huge profit, but still. Even though I don’t ~love~ City of Bones I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn the book into a movie.

Yea. I agree. She should have ended it all after City of Glass. I really don’t like to say this, but at the moment it feels like Clare is a one trick pony :/

The movie I was always iffy about simply because it’s urban fantasy and so far I’ve seen little to none well done urban fantasies in film. And then plus the movie business not taking YA as serious makes me nervous about ANY adaptations. It really depends on who’s directing that gets me interested. Like Neil Burger is directing Divergent and I actually don’t care for that book (thats a whole other discussion), but I love pretty much everything Neil Burger has done, so I’m more invested to see the outcome (same with The Hunger Games. Gary Ross is BOSS).

But I’m interested in TMI because it has the possibility of being good, but I dont’ know. I can’t shake of the doubt.