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They said from the beginning it was going to have a lot of movie scenes. I’m pretty happy with it, although I’m surprise they were able to put this out so soon after they finished shooting lol

Yea, I read that too and I was doubtful then. Like, I’m sort of excited, but not really? I’m excited for Robert as Simon and I think Jamie as Jace looked good. In fact, the casting’s well done. I’m just—

I got tired of the series a few years ago >.> so I’m harsher and not as into as others but I’m still curious because I’ve been infested in Cassandra Clare since I was in high school and I’m hoping it will be decent. 

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    When I first heard tmi was bring adapted into a movie, I wasn’t too optimistic about its success because I feel like it...
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    Yea. I agree. She should have ended it all after City of Glass. I really don’t like to say this, but at the moment it...