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What is your favorite Starbucks drink(s)?

  1. alethiometry said: iced white chocolate mocha, mocha frap, or any of their seasonal drinks!
  2. idriselba said: salted caramel mocha, either iced, hot, or frappucchino :*
  3. doubtsofanoptimist said: peppermint mocha in winter and mocha cookie crumblein summer
  4. goodlawyer said: iced coffee with french vanilla yum yum. also iced coffee is like the cheapest thing beside straight up coffee on the menu so yes to being poor.
  5. rebekhaleesi said: Green tea latte with soy!!
  6. heysammy said: double chip chocolate frappu
  7. feministgrrl said: caramel macchiato or the christmas praline mocha
  8. deeptalkswithmonica said: hot chocolate son. or vanilla bean
  9. starkhonor said: white chocolate mocha
  10. daenerystargaryens said: Salted caramel mocha! Or just a plain mocha
  11. coreymagz said: vanilla frappuccino.
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