American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Other random books people give me but idk.
Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
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What is your favorite Starbucks drink(s)?

  1. alethiometry said: iced white chocolate mocha, mocha frap, or any of their seasonal drinks!
  2. idriselba said: salted caramel mocha, either iced, hot, or frappucchino :*
  3. doubtsofanoptimist said: peppermint mocha in winter and mocha cookie crumblein summer
  4. goodlawyer said: iced coffee with french vanilla yum yum. also iced coffee is like the cheapest thing beside straight up coffee on the menu so yes to being poor.
  5. rebekhaleesi said: Green tea latte with soy!!
  6. heysammy said: double chip chocolate frappu
  7. feministgrrl said: caramel macchiato or the christmas praline mocha
  8. deeptalkswithmonica said: hot chocolate son. or vanilla bean
  9. starkhonor said: white chocolate mocha
  10. daenerystargaryens said: Salted caramel mocha! Or just a plain mocha
  11. coreymagz said: vanilla frappuccino.
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