je ne sais pas
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I am extremely stressed.

i have this stupid paper i can’t write that’s due tomorrow. Whenever I leave my laptop to do something else I end up freaking out and just panicking. and eating all this food. and then i have like a month left of school and it feels like it’s not enough to get where my grades need to be—because I need need my grades to be at a certain point for me to stay in school. and so whenever i think about how they’re not even there yet I panic and eat food. and then i have a huge paper due for a class i’m not even taking this semester and I have no clue what i’m going to write it about. i ahven’t even started or done the research and I think about that everyday and I literally get sick with the thought

and with all this stress I can’t be the good student that some people are. those people who are just able to like ignore the internet or tv or idk just focus constantly and able to get everything done with top notch grades.

and it’s just physically impossible for me

and i hate that

i hate that becuase I need to be like that right now

but i can’t

i can’t so i eat all this shit and ruin all the hard work i’ve put into my body these past four five months and I hate how I don’t have any control


mental break down much?


  1. bunsofcheese said: I know the feel about the grades. *hugs* :c
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