American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Other random books people give me but idk.
Outlander, Parks and Recreation, other things??
The Walking Dead Game, forever playing The Last of Us and Uncharted
currently slaying you bc you're looking at my updates ah yea boi
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ahhh-yes replied to your post: literally dont’ know how to start my essay. like…

so start in the middle with what you already know you want to write, and then go back when you’ve got a better idea. better than sitting around and not even starting. hope it works out for you anyway :)

Ironically, after I posted that an idea jUST popped into my head. It was weird. And I was like OKAY I CAN WORK WITH THIS.

Usually i skip over the intro and work with a really underdeveloped thesis/idea and slowly the paper develops itself (then i go back and tweak my thesis and other body paragraphs so it’s all cohesive and strong). BUt I swear. I think when I read the book, I had this completely different perspective and impression from what my professor had. So the prompt he wrote to me was like, “lolwhateffareyousmoking?” and I couldn’t figure out what the he was even asking for.


but after crying about it for a bit, I finally figured out an idea. ahahahaha

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