You've Seen Me


Self Portrait (by 367th)

I don’t know why this got to me so deeply. I moved my face away from the paper, saw it got scared of it. It scares me still because it reflects everything i try to forget about myself, everything i want to leave behind and that i wish wasn’t a part of me, what i try to forget every day i wake up. I might burn it.

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Josef Hoflehner - Patience


Irsee Abbey, Bavaria

The pulpit, in the shape of a Baroque ship’s prow

(photos by gerfaut.d)


Pinhk Blossom Photography by Marasca Photography by (Vanessa)



Fall/Winter 2013 campaign

actor Michael Pitt by Glen Luchford


 Raquel Cantero i Alfaro

Kissed me, betrayed me.

Eyes black, big paws and It’s poison and It’s blood 

❝ this didn’t happen in the books ❞
ancient proverb (via welcometothemasturbatory)


Flower Meanings.

by David Kamerov

"…where people don’t talk to me.”

Eaux Profondes. Natasa Vojnovic in Alexander McQueen Spring 2008, photographed by Alix Malka for Numéro #94, June/July 2008.